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   China Association of In-Vitro Diagnostics(CAIVD) is a branch of the National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management (NAHIEM), It is approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China and lead by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China. CAIVD is a social organization to coordinate and manage laboratory medicine industry enterprise business activities. The purpose of CAIVD is to assist health administrative departments formulating health industry policies, laws and regulations, and to assist state health departments and state drug regulatory department inspecting domestic medical industry management and service; to establishe the communication mechanism and channels with competent department of the government, proactive maintain industry interests; to contact with experts and entrepreneurs, collect relevant scientific payoffs and set up industry image as well as promote the information exchanges. CAIVD publish national laws and regulations, recommend and introduce advanced high-quality medical products. CAIVD also assists health industry business to deal with legal affairs during operation process, provides legal advices, assistance and services.

  The clinical laboratory industry as an emerging technology industry, its development keeps the pace with the China's reform and opening up. It promote the development of China clinical laboratory business as well as enhances and guarantees people's health.

   China Laboratory Medicine Products is the publication of CAIVD. It provides a stage for exchanging information in science and technology, where academic technicians and businessmen can perform their characters freely.

   www.caclp.org is established by National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management China Association of In-Vitro Diagnostics, the website is a professional media which fully reflects R&D, production, management and application of laboratory medicine industry. It is one of the largest laboratory medicine online platform in China, and also an important platform for information release of Chinese laboratory medicine and blood transfusion products expo. You can enjoy effective, high quality service online with its rich, fast, comprehensive and in-depth laboratory information, laws and regulations.

    With the development of the clinical laboratory industry in domestic market, and frequent communications with overseas manufactures after joining the WTO, this energetic group is eager to have a ‘salon’ as its ‘home’. In 1990, with the 1st National Clinical Laboratory Industry Meeting successfully held in Haikou city, Hainan province, CAIVD started to fulfill the needs of the industry, and become a useful platform to represent the industrial productivitis and cultures.  We sincerely hope this platform could be a bridge to link up all of enterprises in this field, and we strongly expect that all of enterprises in this field would be proud of being a part of the family!


  CAIVD is a branch of the national association of health industry enterprises management (NAHIEM).By research, development, production, sales organization and individuals of the laboratory medicine industry related fields. CAIVD sets up a board and a committee of professional consultation. The memberships of the board are nominated from well-known and creditable enterprises in this field in P.R China; these enterprises for the development of the CAIVD and whole industry play a positive role in guidance, supervision and promotion.


  Those companies and individuals, who are related with clinical laboratory industry, acknowledge the CAIVD stand rules, can apply for registration in CAIVD and become a CAIVD member after confirmation.


  CAIVD organizes annual meetings and exhibition as well as series of trainings, lectures and collaborations in different occasions. CAIVD also gives award to outstanding companies and individuals in this field, release industry information, recommend new product and hold industry forum.